Title Date Download/Link
List of phone numbers of District Level Officers 20/06/2017 Download(208 KB)
District Disaster Management Action Plan 2017-18 28/02/2018 Download(3 MB)
Guidelines of State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF – 2015-2020) 28/02/2018 Download(6 MB)
Description of search and rescue equipment and other items in District Dehradun 28/02/2018 Download(350 KB)
Coordinates of helipads 28/02/2018 Download(98 KB)
List of village heads 28/02/2018 Download(229 KB)
Tehsil Wise Flood Control List 13/06/2018 Download(88 KB)
List of Civil Defense, Home Guards and PRD volunteers in search and rescue in the district 28/02/2018 Download(300 KB)
List of C.H.C./P.H.C. Community Centers of District Dehradun 28/02/2018 Download(58 KB)
Important Phone Numbers of Police Department 28/02/2018 Download(95 KB)